Interval International's marketing materials
Used by everyone in the company, specially sales and marketing teams.
In my many years at Interval International, I developed many projects from scratch — including the ones displayed here.
Interval International's map of all the resorts affiliated with them. It is displayed at the resorts to support the sale of Interval's timeshares and memberships. The map is meant to be attractive, dream-like, so the interested buyer can imagine him/herself vacationing all over the world with Interval International's exchange program.
Flyers, postcards and calendars— all marketing materials supporting the exchange programs for Interval International. Created with Interval's varied membership and cultures in mind.
ShortStay Exchange— New program launched to fulfill Interval's members wishes to be able to split their timeshare time into fewer days. Hence the appearance of the Mexico themed smiling overnight bag— happiness in travel. This smiling luggage was then taken to represent all the exchange programs through a new ad campaign for Interval International.
Interval International's booth for conferences, designed to attract developers and investors in the field. In my opinion they own the nicest booth in the industry. Most of the banners and booths were designed by me, but it was a team effort to refresh the design of the whole set.
Booth design
Designed the covers for the Interval International Resort Directory. Two covers went out that year, to accommodate for the different cultures around the world.
Designed 6 covers for the Interval International's buyer's guide, each differentiated by their outside color. Keeping the look the same, but easy for distribution to know which guide went to whom.
Brochure design for IRFS (Interval International's Financial Services branch)
Brochure design for IRFS (Interval International's Financial Services branch)
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